[tdc_zone][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_1200 td-stretch-content”][vc_column][tdm_block_title_over_image title_text=”VEhFJTIwTElUVExFJTIwQkxVRSUyMFdJTkRPVyUyMEhPU1RFTA==” title_size=”tdm-title-md” image_alignment=”center” media_size_image_height=”223″ media_size_image_width=”300″ image=”112″ block_height=”600″ tds_title_over_image1-title_color=”#10254f” subtitle_text=” A Home Away from Home Located in BTM Layout, the hostel is ideal for students, backpackers and travellers making a pit stop in Bangalore before heading out again or coming in to explore the city. The hostel is a spectrum of colour, with the walls, furniture, decor all spellings out lots of it! ” tds_title_over_image1-subtitle_color=”#000000″ tds_title_over_image1-overlay_hover_color=”rgba(30,115,190,0.88)”][vc_empty_space]


Welcome to the “Silicon Valley of Asia” – this name signifies Bangalore as a hub for information
technology companies in India. The city of Bangalore is a fine mix of work and leisure. It is the hub of
where you can witness the vibrant youth of the India. With several pubs and restaurants, architectural
marvels and natural getaways, Bangalore can be a traveler’s delight.
The city featured as the world’s second fastest growing IT ecosystem in 2015, and, teeming with life,
World Economic Forum named Bangalore the world’s most dynamic city in 2017.This might partly be
explained by Bangalore’s more than 3000 pubs and bars, a fact which has scored the city the title as
India’s “Pub Capital”.
Our Community
We believe life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. The hostel
community is an ideal choice for connecting and meeting local and international people from all around
the world. People with different skills, different cultures and different life experiences.
Share a beer or your business idea. Make friends and make connections. The little Blue Window Hostel is
made by people like you.
The beauty about this place, it provides the space and opportunity for big ideas, meaningful
conversations and a bit of spontaneity.
The hostel isn’t just a beautiful space to live, it’s the introduction to a new way of living.

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